Monday, January 01, 2007

For Saddam

little man!

Strutting in a
djinn's palace on
a slippery heap,

of ruthlessness,

Photos with
American satraps--winks
and handshakes.
You were smarter
than them but

you never understood
your place.

Saddam, you married a
whore. Beware
the dagger in
your nuptual bed;
you should have known.

But you've had time,
since, to see
the other side
of atrocity.
Did you learn wisdom?

He should have given you
your knife fight:
some recognition of
your underlying

but he never will
and that's the most
significant difference
between you.

Forrest Curo, December 31 2006


david said...

Unfortunately my home country of Canada is in the same bed economically as Saddam was militarily.

forrest said...

Mine sleeps with everybody.

Don't send to ask whether anyone's getting screwed...

AJP Taylor quoted someone about James Thurber's women, to the effect that they looked a little strange but Thurber's men liked them well enough--in reference to a study of the economics of empires: Empires lose money for the nation that has one; but the classes which promote empire-building policies do well from them.

So it goes.

I've got to write something new for this thing pretty soon, but meanwhile I have paintings to finish, plus my latest attempt at a program to play go (eventually) as well as human players.